Bruegel book.
   Nørrebro blues.
   The quickening of time.
   Spider Tree, my beloved.
   The Brent, b.c. (before concrete).

   Untitled XIX.
   Murmured incantations to sullen stars in their endless turning.
   A darkness, a darkness. 
   No wine, but rainfall.
   Efes and The Palm Tree.
   Then onward into the grave face of the night.
   This city (will be the death of me).
   Turpentine and a sighthound.
   Between obscured and immovable dimensions.
   No milk, sugar etc.
   Untitled XVIII.
   Lefty Ruggiero.
   Feral terrapins.
   Bugsby’s marsh.
   And so comes the night.
   TFL poster girl.
   Navigating the nepotism, classism and elitism of the art-world-at-large (a working-class guide).
   Dante (Napoli, cuore mio).
   A treatise on nihilism.
   Where I shall dwell and slumber.
   No time.
   Silver teeth & St John.
   I wasn’t at Art Basel.
   Purple adieus (dreams of Texas).
   Bats over The Brent.
   So what.
   Big Mac.
   Untitled XVII.
   Four lamentations (I wanna be adored).
   Behold the felling of an ivory tower.
   A navigation of lightless lands within echoed dreams.
   Painting most delicate astra.
   Tough luck.
   New builds.
   Everything is embarrassing.
   Alas, the day is short and is forlorn.
   Untitled XVI.

   Flodgin’ II.
   Bitter fruits.
   30 under 30.
   Five Live.
   Three pints & a bad bitch.    
   The will of the hallowed witch of Endor.
   Perilous mountainsides that loom as lamenting faces.    
   Hotdogs & Helles.
   Bagdad Bistro.
   Five hours.
   A petrified sea of radiant mist and fog.
   Shopping list.
   Vastness & sorrow.
   Untitled XV.
   Twenty nuggets.
   Flesh of my flesh.
   Signal box.
   Dying sunflowers & a small prosecco.
   Untitled XIV.
   Untitled XIII.
   Alas, alas.
   River sleepers.
   Just because.
   Untitled XII.
   The Sun & the Snake.
   Short flashes.
   Rachel is a beautiful beast.
   Final ritual.
   Late twenties.
    Just Step.
   Tetley’s Pale.
   7th or St. Tammany.
   Untitled XI.
   New contact.
   Veritas a ignis.
   Untitled X.
   Brontë House.

   Quo Vadis.

   Untitled IX.


   Guinness draught.




   Jacob’s Island.

   Untitled VIII.


   Sarah of the desert.
   Untitled VII.
   Untitled VI.
   Untitled V. 
   Death, not today.
   North Circular.
   Untitled IV. 
   Untitled III.
   Cuban linx.
   Gorse & moss.
   Untitled II.
   Megalithic shelter.
   Bridget’s lament.


   Old man.

   The Mutineer.

   Orlando sleepeth.

   Train dream.
   The true nature of thorns.