And so comes the night.
Composed in response to selected paintings from the Morgenthau Plan series, by Anselm Kiefer.

The land is heavy as silver, woe high in the air,
The sun blotted, forgotten among soggy land,
Blending into the great vastness of thick brush.

And tumultuously, the clouds roll and moan,
Easing woes downward, drowing land, calmly,
Paths merging, sodden, bleeding, fit to vanish,

Set to forsake, to ensnare; rumours of nightfall
Spread within the deathly stillness of the earth.
Giants, limp, in sad slumber, hang heavy heads 

As darkness ravenously consumes the cold land.
A bruised sky melts to black; the silence echoes,
Stars emerge, glinting brightly, as old as wonder,

And so comes the night, as a sullen black spectre.