The Sun & the Snake.

The Sun thought deeply to himself, glowing brightly above the arid red land. You see, it had not rained as it used to for some time; the crops had not started as early as they once did before. The crocodiles had long perished. The land dwellers were worried, as was he.

He ruminated further, in the shadow of the night.
‘And what of the loser?’, he asked.
Rising from the dark, the Snake uncoiled himself and spoke.
‘He shall be smitten, and cast down, of course. Nullified, defiled and erased’. 

Silence passed amongst the two. Though none spoke, the Earth still turned. Hundreds, upon thousands of lives happened, and then one day, did no longer. Kings rose, with their meticulous megaliths, pyramids and temples, only to soon fall. Great wars, both just and unjust were waged, won and forgotten of. The black land grew tired and arid. The Nile grew restless. Finally, the Sun spoke.

‘O.K’, he said, ‘I accept your wager’.
‘And I, yours’.

And once more, time elapsed, as a gentle memory.