Murmured incantations to sullen stars in their endless turning.

a cosmic desolation, preempted,
vibrating between dimensions of splendour, darkness,
absorbed into malevolent lights in their wanderings,
sickly, unchartered and solemn gatherings—
echoes etched into constellations, binaries
radiating, curious and spectral.

arriving in grotesque formations,
traversing planes, unending, cryptic and forbidden—
strange wanderings, prophesied and writ in stone
impossibly colossal, black and gleaming
as transcribed from chthonic dreams of vibrant perfections,
aeonic and infinitesimally minute.

glinting, sinister apparitions,
emanating cursed tongue in unknown frequencies
vast shrill, apocalyptic and incoherent;
time inverts collapsed planes into itself, in multitudes,
aided only by old words set by the long dead
banishing the pestilence back to pitch, darkness, nothingness...