Untitled Bruegel poem II.
Composed in response to The Peasant Wedding and The Wedding Dance by Pieter Bruegel the elder.

A limp hollow gut, held round snug,
within the jig, as by they are sent
between the boughs, a radiant wander, 
sounds the drones, so speaks the canter
amidst the sway, the cant and laughter.

Blessed the bride, the pride of kinfolk,
hallowed, glowing, chaste and ripe,
earthen bowls, hurried and ferried,
jugs, mugs, spent, quelling the merry
chattering on at who next will marry.

A grey pensive hound, eyes his morsels,
a boy with a bowl, so savors his dregs,
onlookers still, survey the commotion
as rounds go around in a deep evening,
crowning the ritual, adoring the pairing.