Gold is cheap and expensive, gold is dirty,
and clean; it’s sovereign rings and clown pen-
dants, high-street shit; is gold old like Buck
said in Stunt 101; you have dark skin, so you
have to wear gold they all tell me, but you
don’t know me, allow accessorizing me; I like
silver better, but gold has more power; can’t
afford to go Pawnbrokers, haven’t been in a 
while; everytime I see Westside or Meyhem
or Muggs or Project Pat I want gold, a slug
or chain, but no bottom or top six like La
Chat in Fall Up in Da Club, or pullouts; Bl-
ood Orange made that song Gold Teeth with
Pattah like yeah nigga, yeah nigga, I got gold
teeth nigga; I love Pat’s track I’m Dat Nigga,
sometimes I think the same, but, with gold
to strangers maybe I’d actually be that nigger
instead; but yeah gold is old gypsy teeth and
yardie medallions, grown-man shit; gold is a 
working-class aspiration, fake hoop earings,  
nose studs, and a middle class staple, old fam-
ily signet rings and gold is often so close and
yet, so far.