Surge outro.
After Hanuman Chalisa by Sanjeev Abhyankar.

Walking cracked slabs, sweet the sound,
Hope drifting so, twists in the teal air
And close, comfort comes in blunt dark,

And tears fall and dry aside heavy heads,
Lined, stacked in their rows, brows full,
And sacraments made serene, sincere,

Damning the ensnarer’s tooth-lined jaws;
Hold me close, fold my back, bless my skull,
Leave me not alone; hope glints as coins,

Write as the hand tires, in its sunny awe,
Release from sabotage, impish wrongs,
Sacrifices bare, bloody, as delivered hearts;

Glancing, dancers, lost in trances sweet,
And serenity; a robe in dense cloth, golden,
Granting, strength within each chant.