Perhaps I’ll use Sundreams or Vittorias or Plums,
Quartered, slaughtered, softened in chilli flakes—
If you use garlic, you must crush it, or you’ll burn it;
If you use basil, you must tear it, or you’ll insult it.

Sometimes, I’ll use mackerel instead of anchovies;
Sometimes I’ll use sardines or even tuna instead—
(Infact, I only used anchovies once, but never olives)
It is seldom authentic— that’s just how I make it.

I craft a rolling boil & coil cheap linguine in the pot,
I add purée periodically, scooping the lava to taste,
Whore’s food, real poor food, but real food indeed;
I let it reduce, topped with Parmesan, fake or real.