A collective lucid dream
in which the wildest
versions of the self; namely
the digitised-aspirational
and thus, perfected self
is curated, crafted and
to an extent quasi-realised,
for the sheer sake of
unwitting strangers,
(who in turn follow suit lest
they remain unrepresented),
fuelled in turn by the
behemoth of kudos-culture
that ultimately leads to the
suppression of organicity,
intellect and originality,
but whose mass-appeal
of populism and digi-worship
in an age of mass alienation,
isolation and depression
is too great and addictive;
a deliberate tactic and ploy
from the app’s developers
who have for years fed
mass site-absorption, erosion
and the ultimate, destruction
of the numerous, once
self-sustaining communities,
groups and sub-cultures 
(both on and offline)
en-masse, in order to feed
a utopian homogenisation:
a safe, scripted version
of collective thought and
understanding, while
really just relaying and
recycling the popularity
of what one thinks one
should or must like,
(which undoubtedly is
now more a game of
chance and algorithm than
of actual opinion or interest)
and exploiting the echoing,
unhealthy insecurities of the
masses for collosal financial
gain, alongside the latent,
ultimate goal of distracting
the self from the certainty
of a finite existence, by
numbing the intellect
of multiple generations
in ensuring a dependence 
on the abundant warm, 
fluffy and familiar opiate
of a curated consciousness, 
ironically, often in the
form of digitised activities
of warm, fluffy animals,