Parabellum (Steel tears and blood upon the snow).
After the Ukraine invasion.

shrunken shapes, in huddled forms, terror-struck—
fiendish swarms, emphatic, unimaginable with force,
faceless, and wicked— to eradicate, remove, divorce:
annihilating, to black, to lamenting dust.

wife and child amongst proud crowds and chaos,
a skyline lit with vermillion; a terrible glow,
ready the arm: cocked, held, aimed, in lane, plain,
and rain-soaked street, or in sympathetic snow.

whirling whistles, cross gnarled, mourning silver, s
creams in dread, cracks and crumbling,
revenge worn as unslack, black blinkers:
blood for blood, in unbiased thuds, faint echoes,

slumped steel, felled in a vast, colossal, waning shadow.