I am a London based fine-art photographer & writer. In 2012 I graduated in photography from Coventry University, and have been working back in my home town since, across images and text.

As a photographer, I have exhibited in galleries across the U.K and experimented with moving image, self-publishing & curating. Exploring a number of approaches and subject matter, my work is largely staged and often unifies the powers of narration, intimacy and insight, mimicking reality.

As a freelance writer, I have written for a range of art publications such as Photomonitor, Dazed Digital, Paper Journal, Berlin Art Link, BKN Magazine and many more. My writing has covered artistic practices including Photography, Fashion, Architecture, Tattooing and Installation Art.

I also write some short-fiction and poetry from time to time.

In 2016 I created conversation series’ SEED Monograph and Quo Vadis. I am also the founder and creative director of SEED Editions.

Both my editorial-photographic portfolio & graphic design portfolios are available on request.

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