b. 1991

I am a London-based visual artist & writer.

As a visual artist, I work across photography, moving-image, wheatpasting and text. Predominantly using cameras, my work explores, incorporates and often blurs the lines within a range of genres, primarily by way of staging or orchestration. Themes such as nature, sexuality, voyeurism, identity and the uncanny regularly manifest within my works. I have exhibited in galleries across the U.K and have had works reviewed and published by platforms such as Outpost, Source.ie, Optology Magazine, Aint Bad and more.

As a writer, I work across interviews, reviews, essays, poems and short-fiction. I am currently a contributor to european photography magazine, Photomonitor, and have previously written for other arts websites such as Berlin Art Link, Paper Journal, Twin Magazine, BKN Magazine, Dazed Digital, and more. I have also written extensively about practices aside from photography, such as installation art, tattooing, architecture, painting, performance art and more. Poetry remains the largest source of my output as a writer, with my work incorporating a wide range of subject matter, inspirations and approaches rooted within the contemporary and the historical. I am currently working on my first short-fiction collection.

I am the founder and editor of photographic conversation series SEED Monograph, tattoo conversation series Quo Vadis and short-fiction series, Damp Flesh. In 2018 I created personal publishing imprint, SEED Editions. In 2019 I launched design & direction studio, SEED Atelier. In 2020 I created gallery concept, Neasden Contemporary.

Email— hello(at)dorrellmerritt.co.uk

Instagram— @dorrell_merritt