Dorrell Merritt is a London-based visual artist, writer and publisher.

As a visual artist, his practice spans photography, moving-image, graphic design, wheatpasting and text. Themes such as nature, sexuality, voyeurism, identity, cynicism and the uncanny regularly manifest within and across his work. 

As a writer, he publishes and works across interviews, reviews, essays, poems and short-fiction. He is an editorial contributor to European photography magazine, Photomonitor, and has also been published by the likes of Hunger Magazine, Lampoon Magazine, Berlin Art Link, Sang Bleu Magazine, Paper Journal, Twin Magazine, BKN Magazine, Dazed Digital and more. He has self-published a number of poetry collections both digitally and physically and is currently in the process of working on his debut short-fiction collection.

Additionally, he creates contemporary artefacts and printed matter by way of personal imprints SEED Atelier and SEED Editions. He is the founder and editor-in-chief of photographic conversation series, SEED Monograph and tattoo conversation series, Quo Vadis.



Slanted (Online)
M-Zin (MDBK, Leipzig)
Good Press (Glasgow)
Tenderbooks (London)

Selected Publications
Moriyama at Hamiltons (2022)
Carhartt Blood and other new poems (2021)
Quo Vadis XXII.— Bad Mood Marty in conversation (2018)
SEED Monograph IX.— Mon Levchenkova in conversation (2018)
January, and other poems (2015)
Ticket, and other new poems (2014)
Titan Arum (2013)
The Thames Link (2013)