I am a London-based visual artist, writer & publisher.

As an artist working predominantly with cameras, I have exhibited in galleries across the U.K and experimented with moving image, self-publishing & curating. Although I explore a range of subject matter, the majority of my image-based works are largely staged, serving as orchestrated versions of everyday realities, unifying the powers of narration, intimacy and insight in the process.

As a writer, I create reviews, interviews, essays, poetry and short-fiction across a number of collections and personal projects, as well as upon occasion, the projects of others. I have previously contributed to a range of art publications such as Photomonitor, Berlin Art Link, Dazed Digital, Paper Journal, Twin Magazine, Sang Bleu Magazine, BKN Magazine and many more, covering artistic practices as diverse as Photography, Fashion, Architecture, Tattooing and Installation Art. My poetry, often narrational, other times experimental, spans across a wide range of subject matter— science-fiction, sexuality, surrealism, nostalgia, nature, abstraction and a range of other eclectic topics and approaches.

In 2016 I created photographic conversation series, SEED Monograph, tattoo conversation series, Quo Vadis and erotic short-fiction collection, Damp Flesh. In 2018 I created personal publishing imprint, SEED Editions.

In 2019 I launched design & direction studio, SEED Atelier.