Untitled Bruegel poster (2021) is a visual art piece, based on an excerpt from poem Untitled Bruegel poem I. (2021), in turn composed in response to The Gloomy Day (1565) by Flemish painter Pieter Bruegel the elder.

Much like the painting, the poem and subsequent text piece examines the powerful, destructive and hostile forces of the natural world, whilst ruminating on the place of the subjects within the painting and their impending doom as the sky darkens, the waves crash and the world seems a forsaken and lonely place. Pieter Bruegel, a master of visual narration, conveying emotion both in his subjects and landscapes and working with a style both technical, palpable and yet approachable, presents a scene reliant on tension and resilience. 

Untitled Bruegel poster uses perhaps the most violent and yet endearing sentences from the poem— in the single excerpt, the storm-ward ships in the distance of Bruegel’s painting are compared to runts, condemned to being drowned and discarded; the sky, to both worrisome mothers and young hunters, trying to prove their worth, engaging in battles both physical, as well as mental, overrun with inexperience, naivety and fear.

33.1 x 46.9 inches.
Blueback paper & wallpaper paste.
Limited edition of 5.
Wheatpasted in London September 2021.