The Thames Link (2013) is a visual meditation on the elusive, eponymous Thameslink train line that links Hertfordshire to East Sussex by way of the river Thames, traversing suburban, urban and Central London in the process.

I took several trips along the line at night, across the expanse of London, working intuitively and automatically in documenting both my trips in their most mundane sense, but also the surrounding architecture and the rolling stock itself in an attempt to capture the ambience of the line; a line that has a firm place within my childhood from experience, memory and fascination.

The line has since expanded, rebranded and modernised in a number of significant, necessary ways, making the latent driving force of the series, one of visual preservation at a time of impending change, one of great power and importance.

The series was self-published alongside three poems as a limited edition zine, which remains in the Indie Photobook Library’s archives. Click here to see more.