Solus, is a collaborative project between myself and London-based Floral studio, Worm London.

Regardless of creed, colour or age, flowers play a role within the lives of us all. They help us adorn, mourn, celebrate, ruminate and admire in a plethora of ways, interwoven within countless customs and cultures the world over. In harnessing this simple, understated and often overlooked power, Solus explores the relationship between nature, ownership and isolation by way of narration, within the context of inner-city life and living, the everyday and the seemingly mundane.

Within the photograph, vibrant, abundant daisies are presented while being ferried within the familiar confines of an empty tube train. Unlike typically wrapped or wreathed flowers, the daisies here, with their size and number suggest a purposeful uprooting from the wild— an act that contrasts with the regularity and order of the location. Their very presence, confined to a tote bag, prompts several questions: have the flowers been deliberately left for someone, or have they been discarded in error? Who will they be discovered by and if they are indeed taken, who then is the true owner? Against the ageing, scratched pane of glass and the iconic moquette of the tube carriage, the flowers are given centre stage, able to lead their very own narrative: a delicate and tender passing moment from their own palpably finite lives—  a cherished brevity that makes the adoration of flowers at large, all that more significant and special.

Solus was presented across both A1 and A0  posters, wheatpasted in public locations across North West, East and South London with the intention of creating a visual art piece that could be experienced in-person, as organically and accessibly as possible.

Flower selection & curation— Worm London
Creative direction— Worm London & Dorrell Merritt
Photography— Dorrell Merritt
Wheatpasting— Dorrell Merritt
Poster design, direction & additional photography— SEED Atelier