Amidst several sleepless nights, the strange behaviour of local crows became too hard to ignore, cawing frantically between one another in the dead of night like eerie omens. Within an automatic writing session, Night-crows caw amongst the blackbirds was one of the resulting phrases generated, and succinctly details this experience.

The resulting sentence also presents a potential for multiple, symbolic readings. The cynic may opt for the view of said crows representing a sinister or dominant force, societal, political or otherwise, lurking in the darkness behind the tamer, palatable and benevolent blackbirds. The optimist may suggest that it is in fact the blackbirds who behold the figurative power, with the crows simply representing the role of the distant outsider, perhaps overlooked, marginalised or forgotten about, yet now baying and vying vocally for change, or marking the onset of it. The naturalist may simply see the phrase for what it really is: a detail of a peculiar observed experience within nature.

The work was presented as a poster, wheatpasted in NorthWest, South and Central London.

Blueback paper and wheatpaste on wood (and paper).
Edition of three.