Dante (Napoli, cuore mio).

pulcinella, postcards and paths
worn in time, beside raw walls,
perpetual car horns, that sound
by tratorrias, warm with laughter
roaring within light evening air.

roads trail beneath high vomero,
san’t elmo, strange, as an angel,
looming above a shimmering bay;
guglia, regal, weathered and ornate
like marble, superstitious stakes.

studios, subterranean, secluded,
creep and hide by holy shrines
that line lanes, dotted with ovens, 
sacred, tiled, with perpetual flame,
breathing life into leavened loaves.

in dreams, day, night, I am back;
napoli, cuore mio; te voglio bene,
fino alla prossima volta, amata.