Back, Against The Wall was a public, ephemeral, solo exhibition of images by Dorrell Merritt, taking place in Shoreditch, East London, from the 11th of June, until an undetermined date.

The title, steeped in apathy and cynicism, channels the perils and pitfalls of being an artist with a practice over a decade old, yet remaining reliant on day-jobs, simultaneously making reference to the physical act of wheatpasting within London’s streets, finding oneself again in positions of both pressure and precarity, as well as the feeling of having one last roll of the proverbial dice within an industry and a city as ruthless as the arts, and London.

In an attempt to break the confines of the primary, conventional exhibitive routes— primarily the physical gallery space: revered, refined and yet largely elitist, and social media: expansive, interactive, and yet governed by algorithms and clout, the exhibited images, vulnerable in their temporal nature, yet open in their freedom exist as the seventh poster-based project by Merritt, and the inaugural exhibition by way of his gallery concept, Neasden Contemporary.

Graphic Design, wheatpasting & photography— Dorrell Merritt
Location photography— Sam Bush