In The Shadow Of The Black G.O.A.T is a trilogy of poems, composed in response to the music videos for selected songs taken from collaborative albums between hip-hop pioneer-producer, DJ Muggs, and some of the most forward thinking wordsmiths hailing from all four corners of the USA.

The contributions of the Cypress Hill staple, Muggs— his catalogue, style, dedication and commitment to craft is unquestionable, revolutionary and avant-garde in the most literal meaning of the phrase, helping re-write, re-define and re-examine what hip-hop can be within the current, and seemingly unending renaissance currently underway. With rappers such as Al Divino, Meyhem Lauren, Eto, Crimeapple, Flee Lord, Rome Streetz, Hologram, Mach Hommy, Roc Marciano and more all having teamed up in order to make albums and EP's with the producer, forward-thinking and addictively talent-laden, Muggs has established himself, much like his moniker (The Black Goat), as a G.O.A.T-like presence influence within the genre, always working, challenging and ultimately, creating.

Relying on both abstraction and automatic writing, In The Shadow Of The Black G.O.A.T serves as both an ode and testament to the limitless power of hip-hop in general; an observation of its awesome power, as it continues to engage, ensnare and ultimately, evolve.