I am a London based fine-art photographer & writer. In 2012 I graduated in photography from Coventry University, and have been working back in my home town since, across images and text.

As a photographer, I have exhibited in galleries across the U.K and experimented with moving image, self-publishing & curating. Exploring a number of approaches and subject matter, my work is mostly staged, unifying the powers of narration, intimacy and insight.

As a writer, I have created both poetry and short-fiction across a number of personal projects and collections. I have also written for a range of art publications such as Photomonitor, Paper JournalBKN Magazine and many more, covering artistic practices such as Photography, Fashion, Architecture, Tattooing and Installation Art.

In 2016 I created conversation series’ SEED Monograph and Quo Vadis, as well as short-fiction collection, Damp Flesh.

In 2018 I created personal publishing imprint, SEED Editions.

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